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            6410 South Dante Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
            中国体彩发布的官方appPhone: 773-324-1020      Fax: 773-324-9235
            Campaign For Mount Carmel


            It is with great excitement that the Caravan journey together towards another great chapter in Mount Carmel’s storied legacy of excellence in Catholic, all-male education. The Campaign for Mount Carmel includes the dramatic physical manifestation of changes to our iconic academic center, built in 1924. State-of-the-art classrooms, visual and performing arts spaces, and innovative centers for student services are just a few of the exciting changes you will see as Mount Carmel continues “building with character and building for tomorrow.”
            Located just south of the Museum of Science and Industry and the University of Chicago, and only blocks from the future Obama Presidential Center, Mount Carmel attracts students from nearly 120 zip codes across the Chicagoland area, including the city, suburbs and Northwest Indiana. Within this Catholic community, students learn to express the Carmelite values of prayer, community, and service. More than a century after Mount Carmel’s founding, we continue to fulfill our mission to live with zeal for God, for life, and for learning.

            At Mount Carmel, we are dedicated to continuing our century-old Carmelite tradition of providing our students with an outstanding education in an all-male environment in which they can thrive intellectually. The all-male atmosphere allows for rigorous academic preparation built on honesty and social equality. Our teachers receive special training to effectively engage male students through problem solving, activities, group work, competition, and the use of technology and visual media. In addition, our rituals and traditions provide the foundation for teamwork, male-bonding, extra-curricular involvement and spiritual formation that make the Mount Carmel experience so unique.

            To ensure Mount Carmel meets the needs of our current and future students, we must transform the main school building, built in 1924, to a state of the art learning environment suited to the needs of adolescent male learners in the 21st Century. In addition, investments in the Mount Carmel Educational Foundation, as well as scholarship opportunities will ensure Mount Carmel’s financial and enrollment stability.

            It is our hope you will make a financial investment in the Campaign for Mount Carmel to help us reach our goal. With your support, we will continue to honor our tradition of building young men of character, while also building for all the young Carmel men of tomorrow. May Our Lady of Mount Carmel continue to guide and bless us all in our journey.

            In Carmel,

            List of 1 members.

            • Photo of Ned Hughes

              Ned Hughes 

              (773) 359-0512
            • Letter of Intent
              Click here to download the letter of intent and invest in the Campaign today!


            The Campaign for Mount Carmel is a $15 million investment that will be dispersed to the following areas of the school:

            Investment Levels

            The investment levels below are offered as a guide in helping you decide what may be affordable for you. Numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar. Your gift at any level will have a significant impact on the success of the campaign.

            Gift Amount
            How much is this monthly
            over the next five years?
            How much is this weekly
            over the next five years?
            $100,000 $1,667 $385
            $50,000 $833 $192
            $25,000 $416 $96
            $10,000 $176 $38
            $5,000 $83 $21
            $1,000 $17 $4

            Naming Opportunities

            Naming opportunities are a way in which we can recognize our donors for their generous support of the Campaign for Mount Carmel. As a donor to the capital campaign, you may choose a naming opportunity as a way to remember a deceased loved one (gifts in Memory of), or to honor the living (gifts In Honor of). The amounts shown are established as special recognitions to assist Mount Carmel in completing campaign intiatives. Any amount in excess of the actual completed cost of the item will be included in the general Campaign fund.

            Space Gift Amount     Space Gift Amount
            Main Building (Academic Center $5,000,000 Marketing Offices $100,000
            Student Center $2,000,000 Enrollment Lounge $100,000
            Welcome中国体彩发布的官方app Center $2,000,000 Enrollment Conference Room $100,000
            Center for Innovation $1,000,000 VP Mission Effectiveness $100,000
            Theatre/Performance Space $1,000,000 Operations/Security Office $100,000
            Design Build Lab $500,000 Concessions/Kitchen $100,000
            Principal's Office $500,000 Campus Minister's Office $100,000
            Art Studio $250,000 Freshman First $100,000
            New Gym Floor $250,000 Counselor's Office $100,000
            CBN Studios/Editing/Sound/TV $250,000 Dean's Office $100,000
            Football/Wrestling Office $100,000 Student Activities Director $100,000
            STEM Lounge $100,000 Classrooms $100,000
            Finance Offices $100,000 Main Office Space  $50,000


            Living with Zeal for God, for Life, for Learning