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            6410 South Dante Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
            中国体彩发布的官方appPhone: 773-324-1020      Fax: 773-324-9235

            Campaign For Mount Carmel


            Since 1900, Mount Carmel High School has prepared young men from throughout the Chicago area to face the challenges of college and life with confidence and courage. We build character and we inspire our students to live with zeal for God, for life, and for learning. We are poised to build on our historic success to ensure an even stronger future with the Campaign for Mount Carmel.

            The Campaign focuses on the young men who are at the heart of the Mount Carmel community: our students. We are building an environment to support their unique needs as 21st Century male learners. We are building on our traditions of Catholic, Carmelite identity and academic innovation. We are building our endowment and scholarship funds. We are building and renovating spaces in our iconic 1924 academic facility.

            The Campaign for Mount Carmel is a campaign for tomorrow, building on the foundations of yesterday. Please join us in investing in the future of Mount Carmel as we continue building with character and building for tomorrow.

            Learn More

            We invite you to explore our ambitious campaign by first learning about our vision below, including a snapshot of the current state of the campaign and renderings of future campus space. Then, learn about what our generous investors have helped us accomplish already by viewing before and after photos of the complete renovation of the third floor, renovated boiler system, model classroom, and exterior restoration. Finally, we break down where funds will be allocated and levels of giving in which anyone can participate. If you would like be part of the Campaign for Mount Carmel, contact David Lenti, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 773.324.1020 ext. 261 or dlenti@.

            Current State

            The Campaign for Mount Carmel began in 2014 with the complete restoration of the exterior brickwork, replacement of windows, and replacement of the old boiler original to the building. During the past two years, investments have also been allocated to an improved wireless network, construction of a model classroom, improved electrical and infrastructure, fire system, and complete renovation of the third floor. While much has been accomplished and a total of $7.3 million has already been generously committed, The Campaign for Mount Carmel still needs your help to raise $6 million.

            We Need Your Help

            Watch the video below to see why we need your help investing in the future of Mount Carmel.
            The Vision for Mount Carmel has already started to take shape. Watch how investment in our campus has made an impact with Mr. Sean Sweany's Latin class in the model classroom:

            Value Statements

            The value statements below are offered as a summary of the thoughts of constituents who participated in the Campaign for Mount Carmel planning process. As Mount Carmel High School continues building with character and building for tomorrow, it is important to ensure the following value statements are protected and enhanced.

            We will meet the needs of our 21st Century male students by bringing an integrated focus on skills-based learning that engages and inspires students by encouraging imaginative, innovative, and critical thinking towards problem-solving.

            We will continue to incorporate technology in the curriculum, drawing upon new instructional technologies available in the emerging information age and teaching our students to be educated, responsible global citizens.

            We will bring a cross-disciplinary approach to our curriculum which will bring faculty from various fields of expertise and students with diverse interests together in a team environment, promoting communication and collaboration.

            We will maintain our strong family atmosphere and Catholic Carmelite identity by providing a safe environment for our students where building relationships with God, self, and the Mount Carmel community is supported.

            We will continue to provide access to a Mount Carmel education to as many college-bound students as possible through innovative academic support programs, generous scholarships, and financial aid.


            In partnership with architects at DLR Group, the below renderings have been created to display what the future of Mount Carmel will be. Open and collaborative spaces, technology-rich classrooms and fine arts spaces will create a rich learning environment fit for the 21st-century male student and the premier college-preparatory program at Mount Carmel High School.


            A performing arts center to be used for curricular activities and co-curricular activities such as musical and theatre performances. Acoustics and aesthetics are improved by exposing the wooden bow string roof trusses. Tiered seating with back rests for comfort will allow for better sight lines and connection to the stage. Dedicated lighting, curtains and under seating instrument storage will provide a more complete solution than today.

            Art Studio

            In the design and build lab is an exploratory space where students engage in hands-on learning. Students will have access to prototyping lab with 3D printing technology. Through these adjacencies, we'll be able to develop more advanced projects and cross curricular relevance with science and technology. Access to the outdoors via an overhead door creates a connection to the Prayer Garden outside and affords students a breath of fresh air, the ability to present their work or place to sketch.

            Double Classroom

            Open spaces with easily portable furniture will allow for movement by the teacher and student. These flexible spaces will be used for lecture, large group activities, small group projects, and independent work. Larger spaces will allow for interdisciplinary collaboration by faculty and students. These spaces will accommodate a larger number of students than standard classroom spaces and give students and teachers more room for movement and activity. 


            The center for learning and technology will be a vital part of Mount Carmel where students can collaborate, research, and access media archives. Re-imagined here, this environment will create zones of activity and connectivity to the next generation classroom. A variety of small group and individual work settings will be spread throughout the space.


            The transformation of the lower level will connect the dots between the three art studios, the design and build lab and project collaboration space, developing a design and build lab and lounge for students. Together, these spaces create tremendous opportunity for our students and faculty to exchange ideas, explore solutions and test results. These spaces will encourage creativity, problem solving and refine motor skills. Art studios are a place where students can explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and various visual art mediums.


            Living with Zeal for God, for Life, for Learning