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            6410 South Dante Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
            中国体彩发布的官方appPhone: 773-324-1020      Fax: 773-324-9235

            Fathers' Club



            The Fathers’ Club is a collection of men who have ties to Mount Carmel either through current students or graduates. The primary objective of the Fathers’ Club is to assist Mount Carmel in ways which help the entire Mount Carmel community. Our goal is to involve as many Fathers/Guardians as possible.

            2018-19 EXECUTIVE BOARD

            The Executive Board consists of veteran Mount Carmel fathers who will lead Fathers' Club activities for the school year. Contact the board to discuss how you can become more involved with the MC Fathers' Club.

            2019-中国体彩发布的官方app Executive Board
            Chris Faso President
            Hank Tajkowski Vice President
            Rocko Graham VP of Events
            Alfredo Franco VP of Security
            Paris Palomado VP of Concessions
            Vince Parmigani VP of Concessions
            Jason "JB" Brown VP of Service 
            Jerrit "JP" Payton VP of Merchandise
            Jake Hoogeveen VP of Communications
            Armando Gonzalez  Treasurer


            2019-20 Executive Committee
            Art Thompson Facilities
            Byron Jordan Security
            Tom Kwiatkowski Matching Funds /
            Tom Asselborn Sergeant at Arms
            Dave Tyrpin  中国体彩发布的官方app
            Steve White Merchandise
            Marty McGarry Alumni Relations


            You may contact中国体彩发布的官方app at mcfathersclub@

            Supporting Mount Carmel

            As a support organization we stand ready to assist in many ways. Some examples can be found in our Matching Funds Program. This program assists many student organizations and clubs through a financial match. The club/team/organization raises funds and applies for a match once approved we match up to a certain dollar amount to help these student groups. To date over the three years of existence we have donated in excess of $15,000.00 in direct matching dollars. We have helped the following groups, Chess Club, Rugby Team, Math Club, Computer Club, Soccer Team, Brown Town, Carmel Broadcasting Network, Caravan Alley Players, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Cheerleading and others.

            Outside of direct monetary contributions we have also assisted many groups through our volunteer efforts, such as building and painting the stage for theater productions. In our Baseball/Soccer storage facility the Fathers Club installed industrial shelving used to organize the team’s equipment. In addition to the helping student clubs and groups we also provide security for numerous school activities such as Mothers Club Meetings, Mom Prom, 中国体彩发布的官方appcoming, Sporting Activities and Special Events. 

            To accomplish many of the aforementioned items we rely on fundraising which comes in the form of Clothing Sales, Split the Pot collections, Fight Night and various other means to raise money. In addition to funding the Matching Program, we also help to contribute toward lowering school expenses in direct donation to the school’s general fund as well as funding annual contributions to the Capital Program.  At the beginning of each year we coordinate with the Soccer and Football programs to provide meals to current students/families as well as prospective students during our Brown and White Weekend. Last year we served three thousand meals.
            Mount Carmel Fathers’ Club would like to thank everyone who made our 41st Annual Fight night a huge success! Congratulations to the winners of the KnockOut Raffle:

            Grand Prize-Mount Carmel Wrestling
            2nd - Frank Amato
            3rd - Lewis Scalise
            4th - Kevin Kurry
            5th - John D'Alessandro (money donated back)
            6th - Richard Rundle
            7th - Ray Colomb
            8th - Coleman McDonagh
            9th - Michael Mulchrone
            10th - Rick Ramos

            Fathers' Club Calendar of Events

            List of 2 events.

            • May

              Fight Night

              Alumni Gym/Student Center
            • May

              Fathers' Club Pig Roast

              Student Center
            View All Events


            Living with Zeal for God, for Life, for Learning